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In packaging production line, both domestic and imported dispenser device using LAMP series packaging lines are fully automatic domestic equipment, has gone beyond the imported equipment in terms of …View More
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China LED fluorescent tube light source accounting for changes apparent reason Light source series LED fluorescent tubes Quantity accounted obvious change was mainly due to: LAMP Series is eliminat…View More
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Compared with other packaging technology, COB technology, low price (only about 1/3 of the same chip), to save space, mature technology. But any new technology first appeared can not be perfect, COB …View More
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COB packaging process: Step 1: expanding crystal. Expansion machine manufacturers will provide the entire LED chip the film uniformity expansion, attached to the surface of the film closely spaced L…View More
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COB chip-on-board (Chip On Board COB) process is first covered the surface of the substrate with a thermally conductive epoxy resin (epoxy resin is generally doped with silver particles) the wafer pl…View More
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