LED production Principle The light-emitting diode is a special kind of diode. And ordinary diode, light emitting diode composed of a semiconductor wafer, these semiconductor materials previously pa…View More
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This is a nearly five times the market value of A stock market value in the ground on the optical LED. And questioned suspected fraud listed ground on photovoltaic, Sanan Optoelectronics upstream ch…View More
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April 26, international research institutions TrendForce's LEDinside analyst first LED market analysis will be held in the Futian District, Shenzhen Marco Polo Hotel, to the the exclusive perspective…View More
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Light-emitting diode (LED) chip luminous efficiency rising, making the high power white LED light source gradually being accepted as a solid-state lighting, lighting technology progress and developme…View More
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SMD light emitting diode (SMD LED) is a new type of surface mount semiconductor light-emitting device, with a small scattering angle, luminous uniformity, high reliability, light color a variety of c…View More
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In recent years, with the rapid growth of mobile phone, PDA and LCD display, the market demand for LED SMD LEDs (SMD LED) is also growing. Among them, the phone is one of the most important needs of …View More
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Solve the problem of excess production capacity, mergers and reorganization is one of the ways, but also the Government's future implementation of the package of policies subsidy program to activate …View More
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The report released the LED Engineering Research Institute (GLII), 2012 Chinese mainland chip output value of enterprises is only 51 billion yuan, an increase of only 6%. Exclude new production or ex…View More
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LED industry, research director of the Institute told reporters that from the listed companies, three safety optoelectronics, BDO Runda is subsidized by the Government more business, because two year…View More
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Government subsidies reminder hot domestic LED chip investment hot, causing serious overcapacity. The face of the LED chip prices and the decline in the performance of the LED chip companies, this ye…View More
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