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2013, marketing home lighting is now no longer confined to just the lighting components Throughout the lighting market in recent years, competition in the home lighting is mainly concentrated in effe…View More
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First proposed phase-out of incandescent LED industry is more mature EU. Enacted legislation in December 2008, it will be divided into five stages, from September 1, 2009 to 2012, respectively, out o…View More
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The Sharon invited the Lighting Research Institute of Fudan University, China Construction Design International, East China Architectural Design and Research Institute, Shanghai Urban Construction De…View More
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Traditional lighting still occupy absolute market share advantage, LED lighting market penetration is still very low, the latest information indicates that the LED lighting market penetration of only…View More
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There are many different types of grow lights for indoor gardening plants. LED grow lights use a combination of red and blue LED. They are usually provided on the panel, and placed close to the plant…View More
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Recently, China Taiwan, China mainland and Mexico an R & D team has successfully developed a new type of LED lights, it can reduce the light pollution generated by the street light. It is reporte…View More
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LED energy-saving lamps because of its energy-saving effect, long life, no stroboscopic effect, no noise, soft light operating voltage wide range of features and is increasingly welcomed by consumers…View More
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