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LED lamps in China main export markets in Europe, Asia and North America. In 2012, China's LED lamps export the three continents of Asia, Europe and North America the sum of close to 90% of global ex…View More
Update: 22:22   06/28-2013  |  Views:6943
A Institute of LED industry is expected to mainland China LED packaging equipment market is expected to reach 98 billion yuan in 2013, the growth rate will be higher than in 2012, to 14%, is the fast…View More
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Entire LED industry downturn, in 2012 we dispenser equipment sales growth has slowed down, but this year many of the mainland packaging manufacturers have to upgrade signs to replace the dispenser de…View More
Update: 18:18   06/14-2013  |  Views:5789
In recent years, with the Chinese mainland control Dispensing Solutions continue to make new breakthroughs, mainland domestic dispenser equipment has begun to emerge in the battle for market share, m…View More
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Whether the enterprise product structure adjustment, or between enterprises mergers and acquisitions, end-market demand-oriented role. Well-known economist, explaining the LED industry in the applica…View More
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Recently, Germany Heliospectra the L4A Series 10 LED lighting system, the series needs of researchers, providing advanced tools to help explore the new discovery of plant science. Cooperation between…View More
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LED industry, research director of the Institute told reporters that from the listed companies, three safety optoelectronics, BDO Runda is subsidized by the Government more business, because two year…View More
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Government subsidies reminder hot domestic LED chip investment hot, causing serious overcapacity. The face of the LED chip prices and the decline in the performance of the LED chip companies, this ye…View More
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As we all know, there are less than a month to October, increasingly stepping up the pace of incandescent bulbs out of the market, LED manufacturers have introduced LED bulb is a manifestation of thi…View More
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First proposed phase-out of incandescent LED industry is more mature EU. Enacted legislation in December 2008, it will be divided into five stages, from September 1, 2009 to 2012, respectively, out o…View More
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