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Home decoration, the flexible soft LED lights with how kind? But I heard LED lights with a long time there will be plastic taste, very worried about the plastic taste because after a considerable per…View More
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From the achievements of Japan to promote LED lighting, in addition to the 311 earthquake in Japan so that they further enhance the awareness of environmental protection and energy saving, more impor…View More
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Exported to the North American market certification UL, ETL, FCC and the ENERGY STAR (Energy Star) and several LED road lighting products UL certified reference UL8750 or UL60950, UL1598 standards, E…View More
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China LED lighting companies in the LED application should make a difference. I believe that, to create a best demonstrate the LED edge lighting, the premise is to provide DC power, direct supply LED…View More
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Countries around the world the incandescent clear out or restrict the use of policy, the the incandescent will gradually withdraw from the stage of history; moment vigorously promote energy-saving la…View More
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This morning, a lecture knowledge to the popularity of LED lighting the public welfare LED Lecture Hall "public service activities in Hefei. Activities Subject the universal LED lighting basics, to p…View More
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2013, marketing home lighting is now no longer confined to just the lighting components Throughout the lighting market in recent years, competition in the home lighting is mainly concentrated in effe…View More
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Distance Edison invented the light bulb has been more than 100 years of history, bulb with its low price advantage has been living inside a long time, leading the lighting market. Until the emergence…View More
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Before the LED bulb performance requirements asking for too much content for our manufacturers, LED difficult because of high prices into family, if you follow the previous standard price will be hig…View More
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A few days ago, the official website of the Ministry of Industry announced open call for revisions of the LED bulb performance requirements "Call for an end time of 15 days after the Date. Engineeri…View More
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