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Green light as a high-end brand, beautiful HUMOLED Loi while demanding top quality and state-of-the-art technology, with particular emphasis on product applications. Each developing a product for foc…View More
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With the chip packaging technology to improve the prices of LED lighting products more and more close to the people. In addition, LED lighting, in addition to energy saving, environmental protection …View More
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The important parameters of LED relative spectral energy distribution curve with a peak wavelength p and spectral half-wave wide delta of these two parameters. LED, regardless of what material has a …View More
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The luminous intensity of the concept requires a light source is a point light source, or requiring the size of the light source and detector area is small enough compared with the distance from the …View More
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The traditional LED approach is discrete devices ? MCPCB light source module ? LED lamps: LED light source, mainly because there is no off-the-shelf core source components and the approach taken, not…View More
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