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From the achievements of Japan to promote LED lighting, in addition to the 311 earthquake in Japan so that they further enhance the awareness of environmental protection and energy saving, more impor…View More
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For LED lighting products, CE certification is to achieve self-declaration by the factory, but for most foreign buyers, third-party certification will be more fairness and reliability. Domestic enter…View More
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The threshold set by the U.S. and European markets The following mandatory requirements to enter the EU LED lighting products, such as: CE-LVD main detection of LED lamps Low Voltage Directive; CE-E…View More
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Quy Nhon city government a year before the allocated budget of 60 billion rupiah (about 500 million rupiah per month) to pay about one million public lighting electricity bill. Started to invest $ 70…View More
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Stir-fried with LED lighting industry, lighting industry news and issues always seem to surround the LED, and in real actual situation in China, packed in ordinary city, township lamps based on energ…View More
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According to the statistical German lighting output value of construction-related applications up to 11 billion euros per year, employing up to 80,000 people. Plus surrounding electronic parts and i…View More
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2012 the global LED architectural lighting market size of approximately $ 3.191 billion, accounting for approximately 29% of the proportion of the overall LED lighting market, with Europe as the main…View More
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UL certification in the United States are non-mandatory certification, product safety testing and certification, their scope of accreditation does not bear the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) cha…View More
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Some developed countries to safeguard national basic safety, the protection of human health and safety, protecting the environment, to prevent fraud and ensure product quality grounds, through the de…View More
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The low-quality low-cost to become plagued popularity of LED lighting ills. According to GSCResearch survey, the LED core parts in workmanship and selected materials there is a big gap between the bi…View More
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