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SMD LED light craft April 19, 2010, the world's most potential LED light bar is divided LED flexible light strip and LED soft light bar into two categories, the differences are as follows: SMD LED …View More
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Preface: knowledge of automobile chassis lamp includes installation of the course of development of the automobile chassis lamp, automobile chassis lamp product range and choice, the automobile chass…View More
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Home decoration, the flexible soft LED lights with how kind? But I heard LED lights with a long time there will be plastic taste, very worried about the plastic taste because after a considerable per…View More
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LED lights in Guangdong Province, the strong development momentum, the end of 2010, Guangdong Province in the "city of ten thousand", "Thousand Miles" and green lighting demonstration cities, such as…View More
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LED bulbs the status quo LED lights mainly to high-power white LED single lamp-based, currently the world's top three manufacturers of LED lighting three-year warranty, large particles per watt is eq…View More
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This article describes the technical difficulties and focus of the LED mining lamp in the design and development of each process segment, led mining lamp to do a detailed analysis, highlighting the a…View More
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LED production Principle The light-emitting diode is a special kind of diode. And ordinary diode, light emitting diode composed of a semiconductor wafer, these semiconductor materials previously pa…View More
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LED brightness can be divided into ordinary brightness, high brightness and ultra-high brightness. In recent years, high-brightness LED has been dominated by the dominant position of the LED lighting…View More
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The beginning of the Year of the Snake, LED lighting industry came to pick up the signal. Seen from the recently held 9th Guangzhou International LED Exhibition 2012 experience the difficulties falli…View More
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2011, the relevant state departments issued a "subway spaces lighting LED lamps technical specifications, detailed procurement specification of the Metro LED lighting, for metro LED lighting has open…View More
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