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When night fell, the soft lighting from LED cylindrical panel light shone through the brackets of the China Pavilion, the red "Oriental Crown" set off a more male beauty and grandeur.Cities in energy…View More
Update: 9:09   09/20-2013  |  Views:4339
LED street encounter the bottleneck of the development, more and more LED lighting companies began to turn to the field of LED interior lighting. LED panel lights also suffered a similar the LED fluo…View More
Update: 11:11   08/19-2013  |  Views:6450
In the LED lighting market, more extensive outdoor lighting and public lighting applications, LED lights also slowly penetrated, home lighting and commercial lighting, office lighting is a little lat…View More
Update: 17:17   06/11-2013  |  Views:4394
LED energy-saving lighting market fast and prosperous development, subdivision lighting LED panel light panel lights as a new series of lighting products, stylish and exquisite lighting soft and comf…View More
Update: 20:20   06/05-2013  |  Views:6964
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