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The light-emitting diode (LED / Light Emitting Diode) is a light-emitting element made of semiconductor materials, with small size, long life, electricity-saving and fast reaction rate, good shock re…View More
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"GB" pinyin abbreviation constitute the Number sequence number and the National Institute of Standards published by the National Institute of Standards Code, National Institute of Standards released …View More
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LED lighting products to open up the market, in addition to at an affordable price, but also so that people buy LED lighting channels became scarce resource in the business war. Hand in the lighting …View More
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2012 is a year of ups and downs in the development of LED industry, the domestic industry investment situation is still grim, despite the international macroeconomic situation continued turmoil, Chin…View More
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South Korea in 2006 to develop the popularity of LED lighting 15/30 (2015 to reach 30% penetration rate) target and start the full import of LED lighting. Will be the first traffic lights, outdoor di…View More
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In recent years, with the rapid growth of mobile phone, PDA and LCD display, the market demand for LED SMD LEDs (SMD LED) is also growing. Among them, the phone is one of the most important needs of …View More
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Whether the enterprise product structure adjustment, or between enterprises mergers and acquisitions, end-market demand-oriented role. Well-known economist, explaining the LED industry in the applica…View More
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