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SMD LED light craft April 19, 2010, the world's most potential LED light bar is divided LED flexible light strip and LED soft light bar into two categories, the differences are as follows: SMD LED …View More
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Preface: knowledge of automobile chassis lamp includes installation of the course of development of the automobile chassis lamp, automobile chassis lamp product range and choice, the automobile chass…View More
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Classification of the LED light bar, LED light bar prices in Chongqing LED light bar is also known as LED Flexible Strip, Chongqing luminous characters, it glows when the shape is like a long soft b…View More
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LED flexible strip quality depends on the attitude of manufacturers and equipment. To produce high quality LED flexible strip must do to ensure sound management practices and reliable incoming inspec…View More
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The same luminous efficiency LED lighting LED lights than incandescent energy saving 80%, 50% energy than the energy-saving lamps, the great advantage quickly dominate the market, the traditional lig…View More
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