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In principle, if the container of your site directly to 110V or 220V AC power to use direct light inside the container low-wattage incandescent bulb or energy saving bulbs; and use this power to driv…View More
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Nowadays, technological development, energy consumption is relatively increased, we have to reduce carbon emissions subconscious, take good care of the Earth we have grown, countries warming is one o…View More
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LED light source products packaging technology to continuously improve and cooling technology continues to develop, the stability of the light source has reached a good level, even if it is also the …View More
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LED drive power supply topologies AC-DC power LED lighting applications, building blocks, including power conversion diode, switch (FET), inductance and capacitance and resistance, and other discret…View More
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1.LED running for a darker, is the current flowing through the switching power supply leads due to too large, you can check whether the sum of the currents of the lead over the switching power supply…View More
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