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High-power LED tunnel lamp housing Product Description PJ-106 Series LED tunnel lamp housing, LED tunnel lamp housing, the tunnel lamp housing, high-power LED tunnel lamp housing, the new tunne…View More
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LED street encounter the bottleneck of the development, more and more LED lighting companies began to turn to the field of LED interior lighting. LED panel lights also suffered a similar the LED fluo…View More
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LED lights in Guangdong Province, the strong development momentum, the end of 2010, Guangdong Province in the "city of ten thousand", "Thousand Miles" and green lighting demonstration cities, such as…View More
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Classification of the LED light bar, LED light bar prices in Chongqing LED light bar is also known as LED Flexible Strip, Chongqing luminous characters, it glows when the shape is like a long soft b…View More
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LED production Principle The light-emitting diode is a special kind of diode. And ordinary diode, light emitting diode composed of a semiconductor wafer, these semiconductor materials previously pa…View More
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From the achievements of Japan to promote LED lighting, in addition to the 311 earthquake in Japan so that they further enhance the awareness of environmental protection and energy saving, more impor…View More
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Quy Nhon city government a year before the allocated budget of 60 billion rupiah (about 500 million rupiah per month) to pay about one million public lighting electricity bill. Started to invest $ 70…View More
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LED lighting (semiconductor lighting) refers to the use of light-emitting diode (light emitting diode) as a light source lighting, known as third light source revolution, energy saving, environmental…View More
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UL certification in the United States are non-mandatory certification, product safety testing and certification, their scope of accreditation does not bear the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) cha…View More
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"GB" pinyin abbreviation constitute the Number sequence number and the National Institute of Standards published by the National Institute of Standards Code, National Institute of Standards released …View More
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