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Classification Of The LED Light Bar LED Light Bar Prices In Chongqing

By: DeRun   Views:7210   Date: 07/05-2013

Classification of the LED light bar, LED light bar prices in Chongqing

LED light bar is also known as LED Flexible Strip, Chongqing luminous characters, it glows when the shape is like a long soft belt, which is why it got its name. LED light bar is highly adaptable, it can easily misinterpreted, appearance is also very easy with the deformation, which also makes it subject to a lot of people’s preferences.

On behalf of the LED light bar evenly distributed small power LED lamp beads, which makes it emits bright calm and full LED strip high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, renovation and decoration of the best decisions.

The color of the LED light bar, it is not only able to send monochromatic light, may also recover the IPL Meanwhile, according to the needs of customers, but also can be equipped with various colors of light, LED light bar conceal highly, and brightness far beyond the individual lamps.

The following Chongqing Young’s ad infinitum to tell you about the classification of the LED light bar:

1 According to the resolution of the waterproof rating.

Handle water level the pleading is divided into: not waterproof LED light strip, dispensing waterproof LED strip (waterproof rating IP55)

Half casing waterproof LED strip (waterproof grade IP65) Casing waterproof LED strip (waterproof rating IP68), a full set of tube is divided into Chunzhi the Casing set into the LED light strip waterproof, silicone poured into the LED light strip waterproof. Filling plastic water results significantly better than the the pure full set of tube waterproof light.

2 credentials chip total class divided with the number of lamp beads

LED strip rare lamp beads 3528,5050 two, divided according to the number of beads per meter lights: 30 lights, 48 lights, 60 lights and other common specifications, 3528 due to its smaller power (single 0.06W) You can do up to 120 LEDs / m.

l, respectively, in accordance with the width of the LED light bar circuit board

The width of the LED circuit board 5MM, 8MM, 10MM 12MM 15MM several kinds of different circuit board width corresponds to the difference between the LED light strip.

LED strip light-emitting results, decorative and strong, had been widely used in urban nominal shape, home decoration, advertising production.

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