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Deli & P – See I Supply The High Price Of The Series Product Advantages

By: DeRun   Views:6963   Date: 05/25-2013

Deli & P – see I supply the high price of the Series product advantages:

1 This series of products 2-year warranty. The companies are committed to quality defects liability capacity.

2 This series of products are domestic first-line original device, do not use the small factories and traders device. Are factory direct supplier and provide technical support, devices and accessories in accordance with the national standard procurement and the Division ISO quality management system audits of suppliers, quality control validation and responsibilities capacity assessment.

This series of products are used by manufacturers name:

Integrated IC: domestic first-line factory direct supply and provide technical support, parameter optimization configuration

Electrolytic capacitors: Zhaoqing Emerald Electronics Co., Ltd. (105 C ° temperature electrolytic capacitor life up to 5000 hours)

Transistor: Shaoxing Xu Chang Enterprise Co., Ltd. (LED driver designed for high temperature and small size package design)

PCB board material: Kingboard Chemical Holdings Limited (super climb tin and cooling capacity to avoid de-the tin off pieces phenomenon)

Solder: Products Co., Ltd. of Dongguan Kuril metal tin (easily oxidized, uniform and full bright spot)

Transformers: Royal Ray of Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (PC44 material to reduce the high temperature magnetic saturation, fully mechanized production)

This series of products production process using SANYO high-speed SMT machines, reflow and the Nitto wave soldering automated large-scale manufacturing. Can effectively avoid the manual work due to take off the tin off pieces, fast delivery and production quality.

Shun lighting this 6.5W LED bulb is used to replace 40W incandescent or 10W energy-saving lamps, while their life is equivalent to 25 incandescent or four energy-saving lamps. Product E27 screw can easily replace the traditional E27 light sources, without changes to the circuit and electrical appliances. 450lm brightness means that this product is the luminous efficiency of 69lm / W, the luminous efficiency is sufficient for our home lighting.

Shun lighting power of this LED bulb 6.5W, 450lm brightness cinch to replace 40W incandescent lamp and 10W energy-saving lamps. The E27 screw also makes use of this product can be used in most lamps interfaces, the service life of 25,000 hours showing the quality of the product advantages, Shun lighting two-year warranty for this product. The bulb mercury-free, no radiation, no ultraviolet light does not flicker, the development trend of the future of lighting.

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