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How To Identify The Quality Of LED Lights With Good Or Bad With Eyes

By: DeRun   Views:6036   Date: 06/06-2013

LED lights with production due to the low barriers to entry into the kind of decorative products, sales are quite a lot. Only a few experienced people have a way to identify regular manufacturers to produce LED lights with cottage version of the LED lights with (ie products produced in the rental depends on manual operations) from the appearance of a look out for. The following talk about how to identify the quality of LED lights with good or bad with eyes:

Look at the packaging. The regular LED lights with anti-static volume trays packaging, generally 5 m roll is 10 m roll, and then the outside and then sealed anti-static moisture-proof bags. LED lights with cottage version because of cost savings, while the use of recycling volumes trays, then no anti-static moisture-proof bags, look carefully roll trays can see appearance marks left in the clear labels and scratches.

Look at the label. Regular LED lights with bags and roll trays above will print labels, rather than the printed label. Cottage version of the label is printed, the specifications and parameters are not uniform.

Watching Annex. Regular LED lights with will be attached to the inside of the box the instructions and lights with specifications, while also equipped with LED lights with connector or deck; box cottage version of the LED lights with these accessories, because A number of manufacturers, after all, can be saved.

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