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Quy Nhon City Government A Year Before The Allocated Budget Of 60 Billion Rupiah (about 500 Million Rupiah Per Month) To Pay About One Million Public Lighting Electricity Bill

By: DeRun   Views:7090   Date: 06/27-2013

Quy Nhon city government a year before the allocated budget of 60 billion rupiah (about 500 million rupiah per month) to pay about one million public lighting electricity bill. Started to invest $ 700,000 after 2006, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Global Environment Fund (GEF) funded Vietnamese efficient public lighting exhibition project (VEEPL) to provide technical assistance, public lighting with high efficiency.

VEEPL said that the Vietnamese are currently using about 200 million of various types of light bulbs, including extremely good traditional filament bulbs and extremely energy efficient LED light bulbs (50% of Vietnamese locally manufactured light bulbs). Efficient lamps market is on the rise, including replace the rectifier filament light bulb, T10 fluorescent. VEEPL efficient lighting international trade fairs held in November 2011 to strengthen the promotion of green lighting technology benefits.

After the end of the VEEPL project at the end of 2011, the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade will be another build the project continue to implement high-performance lamp instead of the plan of the core filament lamp (also funded by the GEF), widely used in LED electric lighting in 2014.

Rapid development of urbanization, urban infrastructure construction – prompting a huge demand for lighting products
In 2020, Vietnam’s urbanization rate is expected to increase from the current 27% to 45.2%. In the period 2010-2020, Vietnam will be the development of urban areas, 364 million square meters of living space, this means that every year about 36 million square meters of land will be developed.

The implementation of the plan of urbanization and high-speed economic development has greatly stimulated the demand for lighting products, as well as a large number of indoor and outdoor lighting project. Vietnam lighting products market has entered a golden era.

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