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The Rapid Development Of Urbanization In China And Energy-saving Emission Reduction Efforts Continue To Increase

By: DeRun   Views:4892   Date: 07/05-2013

LED lights in Guangdong Province, the strong development momentum, the end of 2010, Guangdong Province in the “city of ten thousand”, “Thousand Miles” and green lighting demonstration cities, such as LED street lamp demonstration project, driven by LED lights installed 200,000 demonstration sections of more than 2000 km, the country’s largest LED street light scale. However, the development of LED street lamp not been easy, the various obstacles unexpected. led advances in technology, led lighting costs high, energy management contract (EMC) in the domestic acclimatized much-needed innovation to seek a new breakthrough, more critical is the lack of uniform testing methods and technical standards, because LED lights , resulting in uneven product quality, disorderly competition in the market.

The rapid development of urbanization in China and energy-saving emission reduction efforts continue to increase, the future development of more LED lights provide a huge potential market. In the past two years, LED lights continue to attract more manufacturers invested. A veteran of the traditional lighting companies such as Osram, GE, Thorn, Schrade, Sitko (Siteco), Library Park, Zumtobel, Bega, Hess, etc. have been in full swing the development and production of LED lights. The power of these initiatives is optimistic about the industry and continue to expand the LED street lamp market.

Traditional street lamp requires a large power supply system. Large power-transformer is very expensive. Traditional lamp voltage can not be too much volatility, otherwise it will seriously affect the life of the lamp. LED lights driver module, the need for large transformers. This also saves the cost of LED lights.

Published 2 batches, GuangdongProvince, green lighting demonstration cities recommend purchasing products catalog Up to now, a total of 50 LED lights as an alternative to three kinds of high-pressure sodium, and the province recommended for the protection of the LED lights product quality and demonstration projects methods and means. Including Philips and other international lighting companies have asked to join the benchmark system. As soon as possible in order to achieve standardization and modular LED street, the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision will also introduce standardization and special planning and standards roadmap, LED lighting products, especially one of the modular standardization of LED lights as soon take the lead a major focus of . At present, under the leadership of the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau and the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, Guangdong Institute of Standardization has carried out the first in the province to coordinate the interchangeability of LED lights advance research and some basic work, the near future is expected to form advanced , comprehensive, workable implementation.

To solve the problem of street light standard in this industry, the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province, the first in the country to promote the application of LED products evaluation benchmark system of green lighting demonstration project within the evaluation and grading the quality of the LED lights. This mode is not specified, only provides good quality products to use. The LED lights into the top ten priority, can not enter the top ten can not be used. Such a provision, not only to ensure the quality of LED lights, break regional blockade. At the same time, the standard of the benchmark system is changing, every now and then according to the adjustment of the level of development of LED products once.

2010, the Chinese city street route length of 564,506.2 km (not including rural roads), street 18237800, high pressure sodium 10,598,200, accounting for 58.11%, energy-saving light source 7,121,800, accounting for 39.04%, high-pressure mercury lamp 454600 , accounting for 2.49%, incandescent 247,900, accounting for 0.36%. nearly 50% due to the use of high-pressure sodium excessive use, causing huge light pollution and energy consumption, coupled with high-pressure mercury lamp and incandescent proportion, nearly 35% of the total street lights with LED lights instead. On the other hand, the new rural construction and the construction of small towns LED lights provide a broad space, the market potential is huge.

LED lights compared with the traditional street

Guangdong LED lights interpretation

Circulation street light in the market today: high-pressure sodium lamps, domestic short-lived due to quality and technical issues, generally less than 3000 hours, imported to the best Philips, 3000-4000 hours the single LED life more than 80,000 hours , cluster into a large power LED, its life more than 60,000 hours, etc. So today more than 15 times the flow of the best high-pressure sodium lamp life, that is, words, high pressure sodium replacement more than 15 times, LED lights replacement of a replacement light source cost is not live, maintenance costs and inconvenience caused is the most obvious contrast (special street light use, difficult to replace, to spend a certain amount of human machine resources to complete the operation).

As the lights are cross-pluggable, can only be made from a single-sided light-emitting LED manufacturing, but only in the safety lamp alignment position, does not affect the lighting effects. Street lamp power of 20W, 30W, 40W, 50W LED manufacturing high-power, long life, maintenance-free. LED low power consumption, low voltage, current, install the cable cross-section is reduced accordingly, saving installation costs.

2009, the pace of development of the LED lights although not as fast as expected, but it will replace the traditional lights, it is beyond doubt. Led rushing on R & D of LED lights, has launched hundreds of LED lights, but most of them have not mass production. With respect to the enthusiasm of enterprises of LED lights, LED street lamp market in China in 2009 has not yet force. According to statistics, in 2009 China’s LED street lamp market only 20-30 ten thousand in the year 2010 China’s LED street lamp market scale of 120-130 ten thousand. In the next few years, the city of ten thousand, one hundred thousand thousand miles, the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan and other policies to promote China’s LED street lamp market still maintain a rapid market growth rate is expected that by 2012, the market size in 2008 will be 5.6 billion yuan to 39.6 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate of 63.0%.

With the growth of the global economy, the global street market will appear in a year-on-year growth trend in 2011, global street market size of about 1.6 to 180,000,000.

The same time, Guangdong Province, timely introduction of contract energy management + Supply Chain + financial business model, to solve domestic LED enterprises financial pressure, difficulty in financing and immature domestic EMC problems involved in the application of LED lights in the past, in order to The new business model to attract the support of the social capital of the LED industry, through the provincial funds to support and supply chain management, reduce the risk of local government development and application of LED industry and financial pressures, greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the local government of the LED industry and applications. As of current, Dongguan, Foshan, Huizhou and other local government and the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology signed provinces and cities to build green lighting model city plan, according to the plan from now until the end of 2011, as the main green lighting demonstration cities, province to promote the use of three million outdoor lighting. From 2012 until 2015, the province plans to promote 30,000,000 LED indoor lighting, led the province’s interior LED lighting penetration rate of over 30%.

LED lights instead of traditional street lights in the cost of the light source is not dominant, laying costs, LED lights will light source cost savings, electricity is revenue each have their own life savings benefits and disadvantages, installation the greater the cost savings the longer road (above do not include poles, installation, maintenance and other expenses, costs far less than the cost of installing traditional street actually required to install LED street).

Power led driver high power led the widespread use of decorative lighting and lighting in general, become increasingly important. Road lighting using high-power LED lighting will become a possibility. Road lighting is to use the longest and largest power light, street light led lights will greatly reduce the city’s shortage of electrical energy, saving energy in the country.

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