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How To Choose A High Quality Led Strip Light (2)

By: DeRun   Views:4764   Date: 08/17-2015

Good moring everyone , Today is Monday , hope all of you have a nice working day.

Today, let’s continue our topi about how to choose a high quality led strip light, in our last article , we talking about the PFC and LED Chip. Today , we will talking about the led color and led brightness.

LED color:

When we choose a good quality led strip , we must make sure the led color consistency, it means if the led color is red , then it is grow light must be red , but can’t not mix with a little yellow or pink. For the one There is a chromatic aberration, when you test the color , you can see many mix color , when the led strip light up , the lighting effect will be not good. Derun led lighting will purchase high quality led chip , Strict encapsulation, make sure every led chip with uniformity color.

About the led color , derun led lights can supply red , blue, green , yellow, pink , purple,organge and rgb color, difference colors with difference price , since the white , green , pink , purple and organge color is has compelx in color blending. so their price also difference .

led 2

LED Brightness :

About the led brightness , difference lumen brightness also decide its price . Derun led lighting can offer you difference choose : 10-12lm ,16lm ,18-20lm ,20-22lm per led for 5050 led strip , 3-4lm ,5-6lm ,7-8lm per led for 3528 led strip .

led strip

led strip

There are also many factors affect the led strip quality , and here we just talk about 4 points , and hope it can help everyone to choose a fit product.


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