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Top 10 Related Keywords Of Flexible LED Strip Lights

By: DeRun   Views:1206   Date: 07/07-2017


flexible led strip lights




DeRun Lighting Technology Co., LTD is a professional China-based global supplier of High quality LED Strip lights. Today we are going to share the top 10 related keywords of Flexible LED Strip Lights with you:


Keyword Volume KD CPC
multicolor led lighting kit 10 76.04 9.32
led light stores 20 75.38 8.76
waterproof led strip light connector 90 70.96 7.96
tape strip 50 77.51 7.62
programmable led strip lights 30 78.13 5.79
8 led light strip 70 72.17 5.65
rgb led outdoor lighting 20 76.95 5.35
led light strip for home 20 86.4 4.7
led stirp lights 70 76.97 4.65
flexible led light bar 20 73.46 4.18


See from above statistics of the top 10 related keywords of Flexible LED Strip Lights, we can know that most of them are not easy to optimize.


Although, all the keywords’ search volumes are less than 100, and all of them have not more than 10 USD CPCs, the difficulty of the 10 related keywords are quite high, some of which are over 86%.


Among the 10 related keywords of Flexible LED Strip Lights, we think the keyword ‘waterproof led strip light connector’ is the best keyword to optimize. For it has the most search volume and the lowest KD.


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