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2013 Marketing Home Lighting Is Now No Longer Confined To Just The Lighting Components Throughout The Lighting Market In Recent Years

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2013, marketing home lighting is now no longer confined to just the lighting components Throughout the lighting market in recent years, competition in the home lighting is mainly concentrated in effect, styling, technology and application of new technologies, materials change aspects; lighting market consumer demand, according to these nine showing a trend.

Trend: respect for nature

Cater to people getting back to basics, respect for the natural psychological According to the survey, 30 Lighting using a naturalized design, such as plum blossom lamp, tail lamp, lamp Peach, horses and other small animals modeling lights, using a variety of wood the art of sculpture, just as much as the real craft. The shade material selection widely used in paper, wood, gauze, carved out of the Moon, fairy pattern, artistic and practical combination.

Trends: Function subdivision

The people are no longer satisfied merely lighting fixtures, lamps came into being applicable to a variety of requirements. Student lamp, writing lights, emergency lights, fluorescent lights, Rays lights, light dinner, LED downlight different height floor lamps and other new products one after another.

Three trends: the shape of luxury

Decorative lamps of high-grade office buildings, luxury hotels, restaurants and other public facilities increasingly luxury, high-grade. The magnificent high-end chandeliers, the lovely crystal table lamp, full of elegant Italian white lotus lamp, cold-looking lights, motorized mirror lights, to add to people’s lives more fun.

Trend: multifunctional

Such as live table lamp with music box table lamp, a bedside lamp doubles as a the photosensitive phone controlled lights, night indirect call, the lights turn on automatically hang up the call is completed after about 50 seconds delay can automatically extinguished. And then during the day, phone calls, the lamp will not light up. This combines many functions in one light, very much in line with current consumer fashion.

Trend five: high-tech

As electronic technology is widely used in the manufacture of lamps, to adapt to different voltage, adjustable brightness of the third generation of lighting increased recently. No strobe light, the three wavelength chromatography adjustable light emitting far infrared red light lamps able to protect the visual function onto the market.

Trend six: Energy

LED Energy-saving lamps are very popular with consumers. Such as the longevity of energy-saving lamps 3LED core power, brightness can be selected. At the same time, the widespread use of new energy-saving light bulbs has also become the mainstream technology of lighting products.

Trends: environmental protection

The environmental lighting production technology new topic, shows that people on the living room the living environment seriously, and believe that this is the main development direction of future home lighting. Beijing produced deodorant mosquito lamp, a natural enzyme detoxification smelly, not only to keep the indoor toilet kitchen air fresh and full of fun art form combining to become the new darling of the lamps and families .

Trend 8: rich colors

Lighting market is synchronized with the rich and colorful life, multi-Phi colorful coat, a red maple leaf, natural blue, coral, yellow, green plants, color, looks elegant, warm.

Trend IX: used in combination

Residential Lighting nine trend will change lighting and daily necessities combination is day-to-day popular fashion, such as ceiling fans lights, LED ceiling lamps, round mirror lights, flashlights yellow light.

Lighting market competition increasingly intense competition is no longer a single, diverse field of competition, the need to constantly improve and innovate to meet the diverse needs of consumers, the only way to change the constant innovation, of course, should be ruthless grasp the quality of the core, this will forge ahead in the competitive market situation.