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China LED Lighting Companies In The LED Application Should Make A Difference

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China LED lighting companies in the LED application should make a difference. I believe that, to create a best demonstrate the LED edge lighting, the premise is to provide DC power, direct supply LED lamps, reducing the drive circuit, use less electronic components, the use of space heat lamps use less or no radiator.

If the road DC system whom the power to reduce the electronic circuits and components, both cost and prolong life. Currently, the AC into DC power occupies about 20% of product cost. Operating voltage, as long as it does not affect the quality of power supply, will not produce the voltage drop can be that the lighting and power requirements can be designed to achieve.

Mainly used in indoor and outdoor lighting, outdoor street light. These are closely related to the construction and engineering, construction is the largest market of lighting. I suggest, can be considered in the new buildings for the lighting system to provide low-voltage DC power supply; road lighting will also develop a DC voltage power supply system is taken into account.

This reduces the cost of LED lighting The road ahead will be broader, believe into the mainstream lighting also just around the corner.