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China’s LED Industry Scale Growth Of More Than 30% In 2012

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China’s LED industry scale growth of more than 30% in 2012, indicating that the market growth rate remains at a high level, but much larger than the scale of the growth rate of the entire LED industry capacity expansion speed, fierce price competition has led to the industry as a whole export situation is not blindoptimistic.

Affected by the global economic downturn in 2012, Europe and the United States, Japan and other market growth rate than the domestic market, coupled with the surge in the number of the LED export enterprises in China, the price of the whole industry chain will also dropped significantly longer loan cycle, part of the corporate liquidity tension, the surge in bad debt risk, a direct result of the decrease in gross profit margin significantly.

In addition, the LED epitaxial chips, display into the competition out period, part of the phenomenon of business failures increase, the phenomenon of mergers and acquisitions is also becoming increasingly clear, these risk of causing the the LED export enterprises in China this year is expected to order a general decline.

Facing sluggish demand situation on the international markets such as Europe and the United States, the world-renowned exhibition learned from the past two years the Frankfurt International Lighting Exhibition, Hong Kong Lighting Fair, foreign businessmen are still keen interest in LED products, LED products in China with the price advantage in Europe and the United States the market still has good prospects for development. In summary, in 2013 the export of China’s LED lamps will also maintain a nearly three-year growth rate of about 30%, but enterprises should pay attention to the domestic and foreign policies and market changes.