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Countries Around The World The Incandescent Clear Out Or Restrict The Use Of Policy

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Countries around the world the incandescent clear out or restrict the use of policy, the the incandescent will gradually withdraw from the stage of history; moment vigorously promote energy-saving lamps due to environmental problems have been repeatedly criticized. LED lighting will be the main lighting, which has basically reached a consensus in the industry. However, the promotion of the LED are still some problems. LED How can the user acceptance and truly become mainstream lamps? I believe that to solve the problems currently facing must be found to give full play to its advantages of application, which is a common test LED industry is facing.

Not a single power of the LED light-emitting diode, if you need a number of light-emitting diode power greater need in order to achieve the design power, and therefore face the heat problem. If this problem is not an effective solution, it will affect the life of the product. Current LED lamps radiator parts, the result of the volume increase, higher costs.

LED lamps stage, multi-reference to the basic elements of incandescent and fluorescent lamps design, in addition to the light tube in accordance with the original lighting elements, which failed to give full play to the advantages of LED lighting, which leads to the high cost. The price of LED lamps energy-saving lamps and high pressure sodium times higher, the LED on the market because of the higher prices affect its competitiveness. LED lighting design structure inherited the basic design of the incandescent, fluorescent, for applications more smoothly, but lost the characteristics of the LED itself, our own weaknesses strike the opponent’s long, it is inevitable lack of competitiveness. Therefore, the only innovative design have a way out, in order to create a future of LED.