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CW-108 36 3W RGBW LED Light Source

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CW-108 36 3W RGBW LED light source, showing the effect of a variety of extraordinary beam. Its unique 13.5 ° beam angle to create the atmosphere than expected effects and a strong visual impact. Scientific optical system and the perfect shot with optimized lumen output performance of up to 5050lm, 5m in Master / Slave mode, the music starts its powerful built-in program. The full dimming 0 to 100% and the variable speed stroboscopic, making CW-108 to fully satisfy the various requirements. CW-108 of a very small size and lighter weight, making it simpler and easier installation and management easier, allowing users to remove the worries. CW-108 long life, low power consumption makes it an advantage compared to other competing products.

Uphold the concept of environmental protection, ACME design CW-150 and CW-108 LED wash light, does not contain any harmful chemicals such as tribute, and does not release harmful radiation such as UV or IR, making these two products compared before the product is more environmentally friendly. CW-150 and CW-108’s high energy efficiency and low power consumption makes it more cost savings.

The rapid development of the LED market, LED drive rapid development and technical updates, has also led to some speculative investment in the LED market conditions become very confusing, quite a mixed bag. Each manufacturers say their products are doing the best results customers to buy back not blow up (with sound) is inexplicably does not shine, this has been good judgment, problems can immediately replace suppliers . However, the most common situation is that some suppliers of LED driver power supply is cheap, not too bad after customers buy back the use. But in the period of one month to six months of uninterrupted bombing or dead lights phenomenon, forcing the LED lighting manufacturers often to customers to deal with customer complaints and rework. Customers often complain: LED light in the end was not reliable? Liquidity situation in the market of low-power LED drive power is particularly prevalent.

Is currently in a critical period of the popularity of LED lighting, LED lighting manufacturing enterprises is the best period in competitiveness to be highlighted period. Be able to stand out in this round of boom in the popularity of LED lighting business, will become the future leader of LED industry, products and services will be highly cost-effective enterprise Breakout indispensable factor.

Carefully crafted by Deli & P Opto see my “power brand high price series to find a balance on the stability of the product, price and service, used in off-line power AC / DC switching power supply, high-performance primary side feedback controlcontrol power switch chip, the full voltage input range to achieve high-precision constant current output accuracy of less than ± 5%, no loop compensation, and can save optocoupler LED driver, TL431 and transformer auxiliary winding components, reduce costs. Integrated in the chip cycle-by-cycle peak current limit, the FB voltage protection, output open / short circuit protection and power-soft-start protection function, in order to improve system reliability LED driver applications.