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Electricity Supplier It Burn?

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Electricity supplier it burn?

The initial construction of low cost, short-earning period is recognized as the biggest advantage of electronic business channels.

Many businesses commonly used electricity suppliers mode, which is usually stationed Lynx, Jingdong mature integrated electronic business platform. It is reported that the Lynx settled costs 6000 yuan / year, Jingdong settled cost 20,000 yuan / year, appears to be negligible in the cost of doing business.

However, in the presence of the electricity supplier, in order to be recognized by consumers, but also work hard to promote the brand.

Electronic business platform also need to support the brand, the key to establish online brand is the success or failure of electricity supplier channels. ” Led Lighting KINGLAND Tang, deputy general manager of good laws, enterprises, web site construction costs account for only a very small portion of investment. Brand building, need a lot of money, spend a lot of time to do online promotion, not many enterprises can be profitable in the short term.

As the price of electronic business platform is relatively transparent, so to go the route of the high-end products in the electronic business platform market. Jingdong electronic business platform need to pump into commodity trading 8%, to enterprises, the profit margins have been greatly compressed.

In addition, when consumers buy goods in the electronic business platform, it is necessary to find the goods they need accurate search or related recommendations, the more to the top ranking, search the greater the chances, with online promotion efforts large.

Therefore, the electronic business platform, the initial investment cost is low, but later hidden costs are very high, the earnings cycle can not be sure.

The main non-market?

Current efforts to promote in the electronic business platform, LED lighting sell fire was undoubtedly the Shanghai Han source of lighting, it is learned with monthly sales of LED lighting products and LED lights up to over 10,000 items.

John source in the Lynx, Jingdong, Suning stores and other electronic business platform has stores, the flagship channel confined to the electricity supplier channels, cost too much physical stores located in the line, the construction is more difficult. ” John source of lighting sales director, announced that the Pan Wan policy.