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Energy-saving Fluorescent Lamps Marks The Dominance Of The Second Generation Of Lighting Products

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Distance Edison invented the light bulb has been more than 100 years of history, bulb with its low price advantage has been living inside a long time, leading the lighting market. Until the emergence of energy-saving fluorescent lamps, it marks the dominance of the second generation of lighting products, and now 90% of the lighting with fluorescent lamps on a good illustration of this point.

Fluorescent lamps have been for decades, then the third-generation light source when come? Fact, he has quietly coming into view, it is hard light bar LED light bar. The Dahong tide of today’s world in environmental protection and energy saving, LED rigid strip light led rigid strip ready to come out, which LED With No mercury pollution-free, energy saving and environmental protection and many other advantages to complete the energy-saving fluorescent lamps, LED lamps will become the third human generation light source? Fangtian Technology think the price is a stumbling block for development of LED lighting, LED rigid strip light led rigid strip when it can replace fluorescent lamps to see the LED when the price down, only the price down, stable product quality, in order to a market dominated by the energy-saving fluorescent light at this stage to take it over.

National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance is now pushing more energy-efficient, longer life of LED lights, and let it replace the old lighting of roads, squares, stadiums and other public places, followed by the White family. For a time, domestic-made LED lamps surrounded them, the competition for business opportunities. However, in addition to the government tender, corporate self-replacement LED lamps is not much, the blame mainly due to consumer LED lamps do not trust, do not understand. The main reason is the rigid strip light LED light bar on the market of varying quality, very difficult for consumers to buy rest assured that the product has yet to specify at this stage LED light bar rigid strip light industry standard. In particular, some businesses and shopping malls lamps to replace all ranging from thousands to as many as thousands. This is designed to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of the purchase amount, so consumers will not hastily to try.

Know the concerns of consumers, manufacturers why develop a win-win model of cooperation – saving divided into. What is saving divided into, by definition is the manufacturer is responsible for all or most of the lamp purchase, installation and maintenance costs in the future, in enterprises cooperation during the electricity savings manufacturers assigned to the part of their own deserve. Let an account balance, a small supermarket, for example, the original use of the 40W T8 fluorescent lighting time per day is 14 hours. Annual electricity consumption of 204,400 kWh, calculated in accordance with a yuan / kWh electricity is 204,400 yuan. Replaced with LED lamps?

According to the brightness of the lamps, 18W T8LED lamp to replace the original 40W fluorescent year electricity cost of electricity is 91,980 kWh, electricity is 91,980 yuan, the annual electricity savings of up to 112,420 yuan. Then the supermarket can take a buyout lighting. Three-year warranty the company T8120CM18WLED fluorescent, the price of 105 yuan a procurement costs 105,000 yuan. In fact, once buyout save electricity a year has been higher than the purchase cost, warranty 3 years because the lamps with LED lamps is relatively stable, damage 3 years which not only help save electricity up to 337,260 yuan, as well as routine maintenance costs, the cost of replacement lamps, ballast. Conservative estimate of three years down the supermarket to save about more than 250,000 yuan.

If the supermarket to worry about time investment is too large to worry about product quality and credibility, then you can take divided into power-saving mode. Initial procurement costs 105,000 yuan by the enterprise to bear, after the co-operation of a maximum of three years. Annual electricity savings of 112,420 yuan, the first year of manufacturers accounted for 80%, the second year manufacturers accounted for 60%, 40% the third year manufacturers.

Down manufacturers from the savings in electricity where to get 202,356 yuan. Where to get business from savings in electricity 1349040. Manufacturers, net of the initial purchase price, installation costs, after probably more than the original profit of 80,000 yuan; enterprises save a fortune maintenance fees, secondary purchasing fees, plus saving cost about 150000 benefit, this is undoubtedly It is a win-win situation. Businesses, shopping malls to choose according to their own co-op, but regardless of which mode to cooperation, the role of consumers in the LED light bar rigid strip light replacement project which is to act as a winner, in addition to the corresponding national call of energy saving, but also help enterprises save a majority of funds. I do not think which enterprises rigid strip light LED light bar replacement work of the heart, got it.