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Germany Heliospectra The L4A Series 10 LED Lighting System

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Recently, Germany Heliospectra the L4A Series 10 LED lighting system, the series needs of researchers, providing advanced tools to help explore the new discovery of plant science. Cooperation between Heliospectra DLR is to extend the functional testing of the system for the first time.

Heliospectra said one of their plans to in Antarctica Neumayer Station 3 (NeumayerStationIII), the station winter team nine months in a completely isolated environment evil fierce, evil fierce environment to test greenhouse module. Experimental team in addition to through fresh fruit thinning, on the one hand, to meet the basic needs of life, and to explore the psychological impact of plants on human in isolation.

It is understood that, Heliospectra LED lighting system based on plant science as well as gardening wisdom known for, DLR (DeutschesZentrumfürLuft-undRaumfahrt), is located in Bremen, Germany, branches, Space Systems Research Center (InstitutfürRaumfahrtsysteme IRS), selected as the extension study the case of co-lighting system.

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From the end of April deadline Corporate Annual Reports, there are a few days, but has released the 2012 results notice the LED listed companies, more than 60% year-on-year net profit last year downward trend. The reason for the decline in performance, each company generally, the explanation given is: increased competition due to the LED industry, product prices fell sharply, and thereby squeezing profit margins.