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GuangdongProvince Popularity Of LED Public Lighting Policy Into The Accelerated Implementation Period

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GuangdongProvince popularity of LED public lighting policy into the accelerated implementation period. Since last May, Guangdong Province, the formal introduction of the “Guangdong Province to promote the use of LED lighting products embodiment”, the province’s public lighting new construction in the field of all use LED lights, the Pearl River Delta region of the original non-LED lighting products in batches before the end of 2013 complete the transformation, from January to March this year, the street lamps and tunnel lamps bidding has reached 76,000, 75,000 more than last year, the total amount of the tender.

President of the Guangdong Association of Lighting full health, said: “The tender number is only a small part of universal access policies, with the popularity of the further implementation of the policy, follow-up tender amount will be greater.” But reporters noted, successful enterprises is listed companies, small companies is difficult to get a piece of this shows the LED industry reshuffle is gradually deepen. This is a barometer of the development of LED industry, the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition exhibitors pattern almost identical in the past two years.

2011 Guangzhou International Lighting Fair Exhibitors 2913, but after the industry reshuffle and industrial transformation and upgrading, dropped to 2,653 in 2012, show the scale compared with 2011 increased to 220,000 square meters. “Guangzhou International Lighting Fair founder Guangdong Guangya lighting Research Institute Pan Wenbo said that as of the end of April 2013, the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair Number of exhibitors in 2013 to more than 2400, a decrease of 10% over the previous, but select brand exhibition area has increased by 15 %, indicating a further improvement of the industry, the brand concentration.

The first quarter of this year, LED lighting in the area of ??major listed companies continued the momentum of 2012 income and increased profits “.

According to statistics, the included 25 LED key listed companies in 2012, total operating income of 48.409 billion yuan, an increase of 9%, the total net profit of 3.933 billion yuan, a year-on-year decline of 18%. The first quarter of this year, 25 LED key listed companies total operating income of 9.888 billion yuan, an increase of 12%, for a total net profit of 719 million yuan, a year-on-year decline of 3%. The size of the industry continues to grow steadily, the overall profitability continues to decline.

Upstream chip production capacity surplus, serious drag on profit growth of the LED lighting industry; downstream needed to the sea, LED lighting prices continue to decline, further narrowing the spread with traditional lighting.

Upstream chip overcapacity

25 LED key listed companies in 2012 net profit rose only 7, and the remaining 18 net profit decline, and net profit fell by more than 20% of the 13.

The first quarter, 25 LED key listed companies net profit rose more than half of the number of enterprises, 14. Which Chau Ming Technology, the ground on photovoltaic enterprises to reverse the trend of net profit fell, but the Liard failed to extend the 2012 net profit growth trend.

Specifically, the middle reaches of the package as well as downstream applications enterprise net profit performance is better than the upstream chip companies, mainly due to the upstream chip serious excess capacity, enterprises and low operation rate factors.