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Hefei Landscape Lighting Has Been Fully Promote The Use Of LED Lamps

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This morning, a lecture knowledge to the popularity of LED lighting the public welfare LED Lecture Hall “public service activities in Hefei. Activities Subject the universal LED lighting basics, to promote LED lighting science and technology to promote the Anhui LED optoelectronics industry to grow and develop.

The provincial Lighting Electrical Chamber of Commerce Honorary President shengzhigang told reporters that use LED products are not only environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Scientific data to prove that the LED lights 90% energy saving than incandescent energy saving 60% than energy-saving lamps, life is 100 times that of incandescent. If the whole of China traditional lighting, replaced all the LED light source, a year can save power is the total power of 2.5 Three Gorges Dam!

Reporter learned that, Hefei landscape lighting has been fully promote the use of LED lamps, application covering up 78.4%, the street light rate more than 93% of high light efficiency high pressure sodium lamp. As the first batch of the Ministry of Science and Technology “city of ten thousand ten” one of the model city of Hefei, this year has been tried more than 20 enterprises of all types of LED lights LED lights, a group of high-frequency, low frequency induction lamp, HID high power electronic ballast converter, voltage regulator power-saving cabinet, wind and solar lights, solar street lamps in Hefei extensive pilot.