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High-power LED Tunnel Lamp Housing

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High-power LED tunnel lamp housing

Product Description

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1: The newly designed high-quality all-aluminum tunnel lamp housing, the appearance of simple and stylish appearance by anodic oxidation, cooling and a light shell integration, decay heat dissipation. Profiles scattered area, structure, beautiful appearance, waterproof, the main part of the lamp body shell can be customized according to customer needs, power 42w-210W, a power level for each additional plus 14W for each additional one rating shell lengthened 60mm The .42 W street lamp shell size: L240 × W300 × H74mm.

2: shell structure: the special tunnel lamp housing structural design, the flow of the wind can speed up the cooling effect, while reducing drag, reducing the pressure load of poles, a special mounting bracket structure design, lamp illumination angle can be flexibly adjusted.

3: the structural waterproofing function: unique structure is conducive to the discharge of water on the shell, the new waterproof silicone, to ensure that the sealing of the lamp to ensure that water and dust;

4: Superior thermal structure: the radiator and lamp body integration, the thicker aluminum can improve the real-time thermal conductivity; the wavy heat sink can increase the cooling area, effectively improve the cooling effect. Both sides of the heat better than the middle of the whole structure, and thus play a uniform cooling effect, so that the whole street light in the course of more stable.



1: the lamp housing and the cooling part of the integration, to avoid the drawbacks of the traditional lamp housing can not solve the LED heat dissipation. To the high thermal conductivity of aluminum as a cooling body, the appearance of the oxidation process, the decay while ensuring heat.

2: lamps Protection class IP65, in different environments to ensure that the whole lamp long-term stability, the whole lamp life> 50000H.

3: Applications: Urban Expressway / Main, sub-distributors, slip, factories, schools, parks, residential quarters, gardens and other road lighting.


Note: The housing contains glass and waterproof pouches, does not contain a reflective plate and aluminum plate (supporting).

Details are as follows: (with the power of the size of the shell length, width and height unchanged)

Name: 42W-LED tunnel lamp housing Model: PJ-106-42W

Dimensions: (L) 240mm X (W) 300mmX (H) 74mm

Tempered glass Dimensions: (L) 240mm X (W) 283mmX (H) 5mm

Surface treatment: anodizing, electrostatic spraying waterproof apron thickness: 5.8mm

Maximum Power 210W

Protection class: waterproof and dustproof to IP65

Material: Aluminum alloy 6063

NW: 6kg

Accessories: Aluminum alloy shell/Elgiloy Hastelloy B3, plug, bracket, waterproof apron, tempered glass, stainless steel screws

Applications: suitable for tunnels, bridges, parks, sculpture, square, billboard lighting and other places, is especially suitable for the three-dimensional surface of the green, architectural landscape lighting.

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