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How To Avoid Entered Misunderstanding Detours

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However, the current electricity supplier channels and there is no ready example can learn that we are all feeling the stones, hoping to bypass the traditional channels of direct transition is made to the electricity supplier channels. In the transition process, due to the limitations of cognitive, there may be a big misunderstanding. How to Avoid entered misunderstanding detours, has become a topic of concern to everyone.

Traditional terminal channels blocked

“LED terminal extension has three modes: first dealer mode, with the obvious gap between traditional enterprise; followed by the DOS mode, need large sums of money and manpower to enormous pressure for LED enterprises; last power mode, input effective, popular LED enterprises welcome. “Foshan Lighting Association, Beyond the analysis of the electricity supplier favored the reasons mentioned.

Indeed, LED lighting companies take the traditional dealer model and direct sales stores mode, the road seemed to become a bit bumpy.

HuaqiangNorthLEDTradingCenter shop rents of $ 400 per month / m pressure is very large, to the enterprise. “Panyan Wei, Pu Tong Technology Marketing Manager, said, businesses open outlets, shop rents should only eat shop almost half of earnings, and this does not include pre-renovation costs, as well as the labor costs brought about by the shop to continue as a going concern. Importantly, open outlets ten 100 effect is not large, need to complete the cities of regional coverage. LED changeable price in the reseller channel, and limited market demand, leading distributors of LED is not cold.

Even the older traditional enterprises, also faces the difficult problem channel upgrade. “Traditional lighting distributors have become accustomed to traditional lighting marketing model, scraped most of them do not want to LED lighting.” The Shanghai Luyuan lighting, executive vice president Luo rights Hing helpless, dealers rest on its laurels, do not want to try to sell LED lighting, traditional lighting transformation LED must be addressed.

The Sony light source Co., Ltd., Zhang said. “The home retail real rise also takes time, limited market demand, firms laying channel it burn, the effect can not guarantee contrast electricity supplier channels is much smaller risk.” In the context of traditional channels blocked, laying electricity supplier channels seems to be LED lighting The forced choice.

Know thyself, know yourself, due to cognitive limitations, however, the understanding of many emerging LED electronic business channels also there is a misunderstanding, blindly into the electricity supplier channels. The so-called extremes meet, the price war and vicious competition, has been moved from line to line.

The following is the main reason to attract enterprises stationed in the electronic business platform, is also typical of cognitive errors.