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In Order To Regulate The Bidding Of LED Light Guangdong Province Has Taken A Number Of Measures

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Nguyen chip specifications, the specifications of the machinery parts should also be standardized, LED lamps do quality control from the accessories, Forced current low level of technology manufacturers to improve product quality. Accessories able to determine as far as possible a unified interface can not be unified interface standard as technology development should be perfect.

Some experts also said that the LED street lamp is mainly used for municipal roads, supervision departments at all levels must be strict supervision of the circulation system and the bidding system, to prevent the “gray marketing”, “marketing, public relations, and to regulate the development of LED industry.

In order to regulate the bidding of LED light, Guangdong Province has taken a number of measures, better.

First, make regular checks on large-scale applications and critically acclaimed enterprise products, the benchmark index, and then use the benchmark index to grade the quality of products, the top ten priority.

Secondly, the use of contract energy management + supply chain management + financial “business model: the government does not spend extra money to replace the LED lights when, but in the form of investments into the energy management company, and then from the electricity savings divided into the street to the Government to date. In the league, suppliers, engineering companies, financial institutions and other alliance members would not choose low quality products, so as not to affect the profitability of the collective, because during the contract period, the supplier must provide unconditional product maintenance. “Guangdong Green Industry Investment Fund League Deputy Secretary-General Lin Zhaojing said.