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Industry Competition Challenges The Market Higher Thermal Industrial Upgrading

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China’s semiconductor lighting industry develop in different ways, the application of LED industrial technology complex, the blind pursuit of lower energy consumption, shoddy products and other phenomena. April 25, to conform to the national energy conservation policy and market demand-oriented 2013 China International Lighting Exhibition Opens in Beijing, the three-day exhibition information exchange platform to exhibitors, it is undeniable that the development of the industry is facing challenges.

In recent years, with the semiconductor light-emitting materials research applications, the market has been an array of so-called LED lighting products, according to incomplete statistics, only LED fluorescent brand manufacturers up to 4600 companies. Although the LED industry has developed rapidly, gradually expanding product applications, but is relatively small scale enterprises, the industry chain is incomplete, and the industry technical standards and national standards is still a piece of white paper.

Industry competition challenges the market higher thermal industrial upgrading

As this century’s most promising green lighting, LED industrial development is not “green”, up to thousands of LED industry technology market research, industry competition at the same time, companies have introduced so-called LED energy-saving products ” does not fully meet the actual demand for reducing energy consumption. Although the industry has been “advertised” LED and OLED is the energy-saving green products, this argument has not been the effectiveness of lighting products to reduce energy consumption, thereby achieving “green lighting, energy saving and environmental protection” is also useful for a very long way to go .

A recent statistics show that the annual output value of units in China hundred billion dollar level in the LED business, with annual sales of over $ 1 billion of few manufacturers of small-scale enterprises in market competition due to technology updates performance optimization have been eliminated; Nevertheless, the industry is still fierce competition, investment market did not reduce the heat.

LED industry core competitiveness is it? Facing the same problem, the industry generally believe that the core competitiveness is the core patented technology, however, the core technology of the LED industry in China (chip patent) not all of the domestic enterprises to talk about to product innovation and industrial upgrading, domestic enterprises are facing the challenge is still the core patented technology. The core issues include the LED chip, product structure design optimization, heat resistance, light color, as well as research and development costs, and so on.

Green energy to meet the needs of the public lack of standards of product safety

Informed sources have pointed out that the serious lack of national standards of China’s LED industry, some regional markets looming and the rise of local protectionism, driven by the interests of the formation of local barriers or deepen the industrial foam and hinder the healthy development of the industry, resulting in non-stop the vicious competition .