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Large-size TV Backlight Market Trend Analysis And Instructions

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LED inside Mr. Guo Zhihao, an analyst with LED backlight  market trends for 2013: The current handheld devices, such as flat-screen mobile phones, mobile phone flash, Apple products LED specifications and supply chain analysis; large-size TV backlight market trend analysis and instructions.

Mr. Guo Zhihao said to handheld devices, Flash LED in smartphones, driven by the demand for improved rapidly, but the excessive influence by unit price decline, in 2013 the average unit price of less than USD0.5 compared with 2011, the average unit price half less, invest more and more competitors and take a cheap grab a single, annual output starting in 2011 all the way down.

In addition, the rapid growth of the mobile phone, tablet market has resulted in the notebook computer industry slowdown or even shrinking, large-size smartphone directly erode the tablet market, which also forced the highest market share of 7-inch tablet began to 8-inch mobile the LEDinside study 8 “Tablet concept of architecture in volume equivalent to the premise of the current 7-inch Tablet PC, import the concept of a narrow border, border smaller diagonal about 1 inch of display area, the use of LED backlight number of pieces will be increased by 25 to 30% In addition to large-size TV backlight market point of view, China’s LED packaging market in the next 3 to 5 years, competition is still fierce, first-line packaging manufacturers in China business strategy directed at the lighting market, but , because the lighting margin is still lower than the backlight, packaging manufacturers in the short term to LED backlighting as a springboard LED lighting layout as the target, so the business strategy, the rapid rise of nearly two years of packaging factory, and actively eating Taiwan, Korea University LED packaging manufacturers the backlighting market share in China, packaging technology, the scale is still lagging behind, under the premise of the Korea-based packaging manufacturers, China manufacturers package size 3020,3014,5630 main, after another successful entry into the Chinese TV backlight supply chain. However, most manufacturers that demand rose sharply in the protection of the glass part, still depends on the decline in the prices of the sapphire substrate close to the traditional protection glass, as well as the industry as a whole the number of suppliers to meet customer demand.

As the number of smart phones is quite large, so long as any parts into the sapphire substrate material will cause the sapphire substrate industry out of stock. To the the backlight market point of view of large-size TV, LED packaging market in China in the next 3 to 5 years remain competitive

Reduce the cost of the industry chain is a mature industry, the only way for LED packaging industry, production costs have been high, largely due to the imported packaging equipment price is too expensive, cost control and thereby constraining the company’s expansion plans.