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LED Bulb Status Quo In Engineering Applications

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The Sharon invited the Lighting Research Institute of Fudan University, China Construction Design International, East China Architectural Design and Research Institute, Shanghai Urban Construction Design and Research Institute, Shanghai Electrical and Mechanical Design and Research Institute, Peking University Institute of Microelectronics, Shanghai Aerospace Design and Research Institute as well as from Philips, Osram, General Motors, CDH, Park should lighting, Bright International lighting, the Roman light source, Dayton grid Electronics, Career, Fu Jun photoelectric, Future Electronics, electronic Yong-lin, Taiwan light sea, Jing Feng Ming source, Mingkai lightingthe, the Yaming special bulb factory, Connaught Philip lighting engineering units more than 30 guests participated in the discussion of this topic.

Lighting Express Club, chaired by the event planners Miss Su Hui, general manager of the lighting Express Network the Xu Xianxiao do salon message to speak in person expressed his thanks and ladies and gentlemen, honored guests application status LED bulb on the LED the bulb market on the advantages and disadvantages – how to guide people to select from a wide range of products LED bulb, how to look at the rural market LED bulb, LED bulb status quo in engineering applications, LED lighting corporate responsibility expand the value of the four sub-topic elaboration and active discussion.