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LED Energy-saving Lamp Industry Development Trends And Concerns

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LED market conditions:
2011 domestic lighting sales: 13500000000 / Sales: 156 000 000 000.

2011 domestic sales of LED lamps: 082000000 / units, sales: 7.8 billion.

Domestic LED lighting market penetration rate of only 5%, according to the report of the Engineering Research Institute: 2012 market penetration is expected between 7% to 8%.

Zhongshan factory price per watt generally 5-7 yuan (more than 7W), referring to the light source products, lamps (with shell beans gall lights, track lights, etc.) in an additional $ 15-35 .

High-grade 10-15 yuan per watt, and other basic Ibid. Products exported to Europe and the United States in these countries comply with the relevant quality requirements to be 15-20 yuan per watt.

If your lamp beads not scrap microarrays, made ??of epoxy resin, phosphor and regardless of what can stimulate the line and so on, plus Hengyuan isolated power supply (imports capacitors and other components, optical power will be 15 -30 million), costs least about 10 yuan per watt, refer to what may be specific on Engineering LED boutique mall. Plus profits, the operation of factories (the real name and a surname licensed factory, if this is not factories, closed the door, the warranty on some protection is gone).

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