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LED Energy-saving Lamps Pros And Cons Of Discrimination

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LED energy-saving lamps because of its energy-saving effect, long life, no stroboscopic effect, no noise, soft light operating voltage wide range of features and is increasingly welcomed by consumers. But a lot of LED energy-saving lamps on the market, the quality varies greatly. How to buy their satisfaction with the products in the range of energy-saving lamps in the lighting store? Through five visits “to identify the pros and cons of energy-saving lamps, are described below.

1. look at packaging and labels
The national mandatory for LED lighting manufacturer marked on the outside of the package the following: rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, rated frequency. In general, good quality and trademark printing of high-quality products, legible, easy to fall off, wipe with a soft damp cloth, signs legible and indelible manufacturer’s trademarks and certification marks. Shoddy products print quality is poor, fuzzy fonts, easy to erase, no manufacturer’s trademarks and certification marks.

2.LED lamp appearance
Real energy-saving LED lights, with three-color tube, pipe white, hand cover to see more white. In addition, the point of view from the lamp only lights on them together, lamp shapes and sizes in good agreement bending molding machine, many mass-produced products. Product consistency, quality is more likely to be guaranteed, interchangeability better maintenance. Of course, the appearance can not have cracks, loose and interface prized. In the process of installation, removal, the lamp should not have loose, head tilt phenomenon.
Plastic shell of the lamp must choose the kind of engineering plastics flame retardant. Ordinary plastic deformation and easily flammable, is prohibited for the production of energy-saving lamps. Simple discriminant from the surface on both, the latter surface is relatively smooth, glossy surface of the former similar to the texture of frosted glass.

3. Look at working temperature
LED energy-saving lamps under normal operating conditions, the temperature should be low. Otherwise, LED energy-saving lamp life is very short. The same time, energy-saving lamp is lit, flashing quickly or very harsh fluctuations, the energy-saving lamps quality problems.

4.Start up performance
LED energy-saving lamps start with two characteristics: First, the higher the temperature, the more likely to start;, turn off lights will not flash. In addition, it is worth mentioning that many LED energy-saving lamps opened very dark, lamp life, a power supply circuit and PCB board LED energy-saving lamps in its internal.

5. Interference
In China, the electromagnetic compatibility electrical project must, however, this project is very complicated to detect, look on the packaging whether the national flag of the electromagnetic compatibility test, with a short-wave radio users to purchase the lights, when lamp operation, the radio is placed near the radio short-wave radio at the lower the noise, electromagnetic compatibility of the measured light the better Zhongshan factory prices generally around $ 5-7 per watt (more than 7W rear), referring to the light source products, lamps (with shell beans gall lights, rail lights, etc.) in an additional $ 15-35.
High-grade 10-15 yuan per watt, and other basic Ibid. Products exported to Europe and the United States in these countries comply with the relevant quality requirements to be 15-20 yuan per watt.

If your lamp beads not scrap microarrays, made of epoxy resin, phosphor and regardless of what can stimulate the line and so on, plus Hengyuan isolated power supply (imports capacitors and other components, optical power will be 15 -30 million), costs least about 10 yuan per watt, refer to what may be specific on Engineering LED boutique mall. Plus profits, the operation of factories (the real name and a surname licensed factories, if this is not factories, closed the door, the warranty on some protection is gone).
You can take a look at the LED Engineering boutique mall, factory outlets, the most complete varieties, the lowest price, the domestic brand LED manufacturers warranty can rest assured.