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LED Flexible Strip Quality Depends On The Attitude Of Manufacturers And Equipment

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LED flexible strip quality depends on the attitude of manufacturers and equipment. To produce high quality LED flexible strip must do to ensure sound management practices and reliable incoming inspection process, the use of high-precision positioning of the LED SMT Mount, and then wave soldering, welding PCB test separator, connecting, testing, aging, plastic closures, aging, packaging products. Every aspect of the step will affect the performance and stability of the LED flexible strip, workshop-style hand soldering and packaging soft light bar is unable to come out with precision SMD LED anti-static workshop with clean packaging high quality LED flexible light strip in the same breath.

LED lights wafer

LED is a set of industrial chain, which is in the upper reaches of the chip wafer cutting and production, which is now a part of the technical content of the LED industry. Epitaxial wafers are mainly from Japan, Korea, Germany, Taiwan’s mainland enterprises wafer, the wafer mainly from Japan and South Korea, the brightness, the light fades is made in Japan, Taiwan Guang Jia, Puri epitaxial piece from Japan, the chip provided good reputation in the industry. Japan crystal factory in addition to the external epitaxy, which have begun to cut their own, this is bound to put pressure on the chip factory in Taiwan and the mainland. Part of the package, mainly in Taiwan and mainland China, Taiwan enterprises is a world leader in the field of packaging, there a of Everlight, Bai Hong, East Bay, Chi Mei, a large number of quality enterprise. The year 2000 with the Blu-ray chip and white have come out of the process, as well as mobile phones, backlight, lighting and other applications market expansion, packaging companies hire industrial equipment.

Second, LED lamp Package

Package, from the initial line-3MM, 5MM, 8MM, 10MM, piranhas. Developed in the late SMD 0805,0603,1206, 1210 (3528), 5050, etc. TOPLED series. The LED strip from general line development to 0805 and 0603,1206, and now the market’s hottest 5050 series. It is noteworthy that the brightness of the LED lamp has a direct correlation with the wafer. Chip package the size of 9MIL, 12MIL, 14MIL, in theory the larger the chip, the higher power and brightness, of course, the price is more expensive, there is now a lot of companies using 5050 package appearance, but in fact is the brightness relatively low chip, thus resulting in low prices, but the quality is not good, to do so is irresponsible to customer performance. To carefully identify the welding process and brightness of the lamp beads, during which the difference with the instrument can be quickly identified.

Third, LED light bar package

LED light bar is divided LED flexible light strip and LED rigid light bar two, the differences are as follows:

Flexible LED Strip is using FPC for circuit board assembly, SMD LED assembly is only a 1mm thickness, the thickness of the product, not the space; common specifications per meter 30 lights, 48 ??lights, 60 lights, Different users have different specifications. And it can cut, can be any extension of light-emitting unaffected. FPC soft material, can be bent, folded, winding, in three-dimensional space is free to move and stretch without breaking. Suitable for irregular and space is at a premium, but also because it can be any bending and winding, suitable for any combination of a variety of patterns in advertising decoration. Prompted FPC material is also a variety of points above the market with a regular double-sided FPC is made of rolled copper, of course, many companies also blind pursuit of a decline in the cost of materials, taking electrolyte made of FPC, electrolyte FPC off easily in the welding process, a direct result of Weld and dead lights phenomenon addition electrolyte conductivity as well as flexibility are not rolled copper compete.

2, LED rigid strip light PCB hard board circuit board assembly, LED useful SMD LED assembly, is also useful for assembly line LED, depending on the need to be different with different components. Rigid LED Strip advantage is relatively easy to fix, processing and installation are relatively easy; shortcomings can not be bent, not suitable for irregular. Rigid LED Strip with SMD LED per meter 30 lights, 48 ??lights, 60 light good variety of specifications; DIP LED 18, 24, 36, 48 different specifications, have a positive side, the side the luminous light bar also known as the Great Wall.

Light bar glue the difference

Waterproof light use material currently on the market above the 560 series is the use of epoxy resin AB glue. However, light bar, use the glue package generally showing a bubble is more easily broken, not high temperature and extremely cold weather, long-term use easy to turn yellow, easy to tear and other defects. I encountered the most customer complaints such glue. Division I is the glue of the polyurethane composition. The polyurethane plastic expensive, but transparency is not broken off 500 repeatedly, tear, outdoor anti-UV permanent non-yellowing, surface gloss, excellent products made with excellent low temperature resistance, water resistance, ozone, acid and alkali, alcohol resistance, arc resistance, UV resistance, resistance to thermal cycling and shock performance, fully meet the high performance requirements for indoor and outdoor use.

5, LED flexible light strip production equipment selection

For Flex LED Strip Lights for SMT process, the process Paste mixing (LF-180A), solder paste printing (LTCL-SP600), light board usually 510X250MM so to add a large printing press, through the docking device ( The LF-100LC) into Mounter (SM421S) Mount stickers, ready to light the PCB (LF-100LT) Shuttle into the reflow (small and medium-sized production capacity Recommended: S6, the larger capacity Recommended: M6 series return welding) welding PCB test separator, connecting, testing, aging, plastic closures, aging, packaging the finished product!

Line process rigid strip light: artificial plug, by DW300 wave soldering welding, to repair welding line, aging, packaging

LED Flexible Strip, LED soft light of the production process is as follows:

1, the printing solder paste (LTCL-SP600). First solder paste after the return temperature with stirring (LF-180A can be stirred directly used), and then put a small amount of steel in the press (LTCL SP600) internet, the amount of solder paste to the scraper forward to the scraper 3/2, preferably . First try printing to observe the position of the FPC LED pad solder paste is full, there is no small tin or more tin, Also note that there is no short-circuit. This off is critical, not strict cause behind the poor quality.

2, the patch (SM421S). Printed FPC automatically sent to board on the fixture to the patch location. Placement machine program is pre-programmed, as long as the first board mount no problem, followed by production it will be very stable. It should be noted that the polarity of the LED, SMD resistor do not confuse good, not offset Another thing to note is the mount position.

3, the intermediate check the link. Need to pay attention to check the polarity of the LED Flexible LED tape (with or without reverse), the paste is equipped with no offset, a short circuit, the resistor is correct.

4, the reflow soldering (M6/S6). It should be noted here is the reflux temperature must be controlled, low melt solder paste can not, to appear cold welding; too high FPC easy to blistering. There is a preheat temperature should be appropriate, too low flux incomplete volatile residue after reflow, affecting the appearance; too high will cause premature flux evaporate, resulting in reflux Weld phenomenon, with the possibility of generating tin beads.

5, the finished product inspection. Here you need to check the appearance of the product, to see whether the poor welding, solder balling, short circuit, and so on. And electrical inspection, test the electrical performance is intact, the parameters are correct.

6, packaging. LED lights with flexible packaging is usually 5 meters per roll, anti-static moisture-proof bags for packaging.