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LED Giants At Home And Abroad Have Introduced Different Wattage Replacement LED Bulbs

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Conform to the trend of the world turned to LED bulbs, LED giants at home and abroad to seize this opportunity, have introduced different wattage replacement LED bulbs.

International giant Osram Sylvania and GE launched to replace 100w incandescent LED bulbs; Career launch of 170 lm / W prototype LED bulb, the luminous flux 1250lm, the power consumption of only 7.3 W, hit a new record in the industry; Philips more for the civilian market, launched the “wise of heart” of (MyVision) and “heart” (myAm-biance) series LED bulbs, “the wise of heart” series 6w and 9.5wLED of bulbs, equivalent to the traditional 40w and 60w incandescent bulbs.

In the Chinese mainland market, the enterprises launched LED bulb is set up in terms of quality and price that breakthrough: Neo-Neon has launched a $ 1 3WLED bulb to replace 25w incandescent bulbs currently on the market ; Park lion photoelectric Milan style series LED bulb can replace traditional 25W, 30W, 40W and 60W incandescent lamp life of 40,000 h hours.