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LED Has Undoubtedly Become The Next Generation Of General Lighting Light Source

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Global trends in carbon reduction, LED lighting highly anticipated rising in recent years, high-brightness LED luminous efficiency, unit cost will decline, prompting high-brightness LED applications are no longer limited to small and medium-sized electronics, or laptops, monitors, televisions and other large-size backlight applications and LED display billboards, more has begun to replace the traditional incandescent lighting products, LED has undoubtedly become the next generation of general lighting light source.

Topology Research Institute researcher Chen Hua estimates that by 2012 the global LED lighting output value is expected to grow to $ 11 billion, increased to $ 19.2 billion in 2015, four years of middle-aged compound annual growth rate of nearly 20% market prospects for LED lighting . Topology analysis, consumer electronic products subject to the impact of the economy is in a downturn, coupled with new display technologies such as AMOLED substitution effect gradually expanded, rely on consumer electronics LED backlight market growth is facing a bottleneck. The other hand, LED lighting, even if the growth is slow, but the market outlook is established, within five years is expected to bring new hope for the LED industry.

Especially Governments to ban incandescent policy will begin to ferment in 2012, more than 2/3 of the area began to ban incandescent or high wattage incandescent lighting. The Topology that, after the incandescent period has arrived at the importance of lighting applications, LED has been highlighted, the next four years, the last critical period of the LED layout lighting market. The application market part, priority will be outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, automotive lighting in second place, and finally penetrate into the domestic market.

High efficiency, reliability and long life, the drive is critical

In the respective LED lighting applications market, at this stage, especially on the alternative lamp market most watched this market success factors include high efficiency, drive power sufficient reliability and lifetime for these conditions, LED drive plays a very important role. IR Asia-Pacific vice president of sales for this Pan Dawei, solid-state lighting industry has developed rapidly, increasing the demand for low-cost drive electronics components, by the thought of high-brightness and high power LED supply constant current output.
To meet these needs, IR has for LED light bulb replacement, LED tube lighting and other non-isolated LED driver applications, the introduction of new high-voltage buck regulator control IC – IRS2980. The IRS2980 the company’s high-voltage LED driver IC series, rated for 600V and hysteresis average current mode control to achieve accurate current regulation. New LED buck driver contains the low-side MOSFET drivers with high-voltage internal regulator and high-side current sensing. The converter is compatible electronic pulse width modulation modulation light, the current control 0 to 100% coverage.

The Pan DaWei further noted that relative to other non-isolated LED driver applications solutions, the new the IRS2980 able to lower system costs increase performance. IRS2980 SO-8 package, by virtue of the integration of the latest high voltage level shift and terminal technology, IR’s advanced high-voltage IC process, can provide top-level electrical over-stress protection and higher field-effect reliability.

Digital power control method to solve many problems

Basically, LED replacement lamp drive, multi-step-down switching regulator. Roma (ROHM) pointed out that, to make LED lights fixed light conditions, should be installed executable given the current control LED driver IC. Generally usually step-down switching regulator. This is because the conventional manner will cause the input voltage / output voltage variation is too large, and the power module must be redesigned according to the type of application conditions, there may also.

When the input voltage variation is too large, the (full-wave rectified AC voltage frequency: 100Hz-120Hz) can cause the input voltage ripple, at this time, the brightness of the LED will become unstable. If you want the input voltage stability, is bound to the design of the power supply module plus some ingenuity. The greater the change of the input voltage, it must be based on the output voltage of the light source (LED teeth), change the constants of external parts, the result is caused by the increase in power module style, design-intensive working hours.

In response to these problems, the use of digital power control method the Department of BD555AKFV developed by Roma, no additional external components, as long as the detection coil current, to solve the above-mentioned issues. The use of digital power control method, regardless of the input / output voltage value what can all reach the control LED current average target. Such a method is that the coil current is sampled (A / D conversion) and digitized, and then based on the sampling data, computing a peak current value, so the average current of the LED current to reach a stable target.Subsequently, then the calculation results for D / A conversion, and feedback to the comparator used to detect the peak current.