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LED Lighting Industry

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Stir-fried with LED lighting industry, lighting industry news and issues always seem to surround the LED, and in real actual situation in China, packed in ordinary city, township lamps based on energy-saving lamps or incandescent-based, theysupporting the prosperity of the entire industry.

According to statistics, China’s lighting needs of large-scale, 2012 incandescent and energy-saving lamps mainland market demand, respectively, the 1176000000 1269000000,2007-2012 compound annual growth rate of 7.59%, straight tube fluorescent lamp market demand for 830 million ring-shaped fluorescent lamp market demand for 800 million the halogen tungsten market demand of 755 million. Goal of these traditional lighting and lamps are LED lighting alternative City.

China is a big country, to accommodate nearly half of Chinese urban population of about 20,000 small towns, but also to promote the huge market of LED lamps. In recent years, the second and third tier cities quietly blowing the “low-carbon wind, energy-saving lighting, electric cars, solar shower, the enthusiasm of farmers for low-carbon revolution rising for LED lighting occupation of the rural market provides a strong consumer support .

With the phasing out of incandescent roadmap, energy-saving lamps drop of mercury roadmap, as well as the implementation of the policy of the local governments in public places the promotion and popularization of LED lighting products, declining prices, energy saving LED lighting products will be holding the majority of second-and third-tier cities.