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LED Lighting Is Expected To Become The Vanguard Of The Industry

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The same luminous efficiency LED lighting LED lights than incandescent energy saving 80%, 50% energy than the energy-saving lamps, the great advantage quickly dominate the market, the traditional lighting of the monopoly eroded step by step. Meanwhile, with the government policy efforts to increase subsidies, and market understanding of the maturing of environmental protection and energy saving products LED lighting output value will be greatly increased. LED lighting is expected to become the vanguard of the industry.

LED lights with the advantages of adhering to the LED lighting in hotels, shopping malls, hotels, bars, showcase and merchandise display cabinets and other related fields are widely used in LED lights with distinction in the market There are 2 types of LED soft; generally divided into light bar and LED light band;

LED flexible strip LED SMD soldered on the flexible circuit board on the back in the form of gum installed on the needs of the occasion, and according to the requirements of the different applications and environmental illumination, surface treatment can be divided into filling plastic water processing and water treatment; highest water level above the filling plastic processing coupled with transparent casing in order to improve the waterproof rating.

LED light manufacturer, SMD LED soft light bar on the market in accordance with the requirements of the application environment illumination mainly in 3528 and 5050.

Special brightness level is relatively high demand high brightness LED type 3014 and 5630; and also through the use of the number of lamp beads to enhance the regional brightness level.

LED light bar is on the basis of the soft light bar in order to better solve the heat problem, while the use the SMD LED welded to an aluminum substrate, so that the LED can get long hours of work under the conditions of heat treatment; may The actual installation and cooling requirements to install aluminum tank, one at the same time increase the heat dissipation area for ease of installation; surface of aluminum tank is generally installed in screw holes or snap the needs of the occasion, such as the installation of high humidity and high dust environment, Glue and dust processing can be done; and water treatment;

Used in accordance with the requirements of the application environment illumination LED flexible light strip similar.

The following is a soft light strip and hard lights with the mainstream configuration and power;

(For example, 3528 and 5050 of white light beads to roughly calculated by each lamp beads current 20mA);

Approximate brightness on the market T5 fluorescent tube 1.2m 28W 2000LM T8 fluorescent tubes 1.2 m brightness 2500LM; so the Sheng Naisi LED lighting manufacturers, according to the list above analysis, the market will gradually LED lights with replaces the fluorescent tubes as auxiliary lighting on most occasions is an irreversible trend.