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LED Lighting Refers To The Use Of Light-emitting Diode As A Light Source Lighting

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LED lighting (semiconductor lighting) refers to the use of light-emitting diode (light emitting diode) as a light source lighting, known as third light source revolution, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, rich colors, shock-resistant characteristics. Its field of application is very broad, the earliest as instructions and lights, and now widely used in the field of landscape lighting, car lights, backlight, general lighting. General lighting can be divided into indoor lighting (office, home, shopping malls, hotels, etc.) and outdoor lighting (roads, squares, tunnels, etc.).

Theory, LED lighting efficiency of 120 lm / W, can reach 250 lm / W, much higher than the previous two generations of the light source; light source life of 50,000 hours lamp life of 25,000 -3 million hours, equivalent to the first generation light sources such as incandescent, 25 times, about five times the second-generation light source (such as fluorescent lamps, home energy-saving lamps, high pressure sodium).

In the field of general lighting, what kind of LED lamp technology is more mature? Geng Bo, Deputy Secretary-General of the National Semiconductor Lighting Project R & D and Industry Alliance, told reporters, LED lighting is the development of small power up, the relative LED lights (100 watt) high-power lighting, home and commercial indoor LED lights (30 watts), the technology is relatively mature, suitable for promotion. Indoor LED lighting qualified products at least 40 yuan / light than fluorescent energy-saving lamps. The country should increase subsidies to promote the popularity.

Li Yiwu, inspector of Nanjing Urban Management Bureau, told reporters in Nanjing, about 85% of the landscape lighting LED lights. “LED can be colored lights, plus landscape lighting is generally low-power lights, the technology has matured, with a very wide range and street lighting are generally high-power lights, technology integration more difficult.”