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LED Lighting Technology News

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Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology organized at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center “11th Five-Year Plan” report to the National 863 Program semiconductor lighting major projects of scientific and technological achievements exhibition, a comprehensive display of the results achieved by the “Eleventh Five-Year” Plan 863 semiconductor lighting major projects and technological innovation achievements.

Vice Minister of Science and Technology Cao Jianlin visit the exhibition inspections. The invitation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University, Professor Xu Zhigang 863 projects, “semiconductor lighting source in plant tissue culture will be participating. Nanjing Agricultural University display LED Grow Light “series of research results by industry wide attention, the number of listed companies expressed willingness of collaborative R & D. Cao Jianlin, stop and inspect the front of the booth of the Nanjing Agricultural University, listen to the scientific research of Nanjing Agricultural University 863 Project, gave enthusiastic encouragement and praise. The semiconductor lighting major projects, chief expert, Min Jin, director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Semiconductors accompanied the inspection.

National “Eleventh Five-Year” 863 high-tech research programs, the Ministry of Science and Technology innovation opens up the process of LED applications in the agricultural sector, after competition to reply, Nanjing Agricultural University, successful project and funding of 863, which is the “Eleventh Five “period is the only national agricultural lighting project topic. Based on more than five years, the results of accumulation and tissue culture rooms feature tissue culture the project team by optimizing the parameters of spectral energy, manufacturing processes and exterior design, developed the LED lights, with high efficiency, energy saving, long life and easy to install characteristics.

Compared with fluorescent lamps, LED tissue culture light, can enhance the quality of the seedlings, improve the quality seedling rate, shorten the breeding cycle and reduce energy costs; life expectancy has increased 10 times; saving 69.7%; 1.5 years to recover the initial investment, no post-investment; during the life period, total cost savings of 176,764 yuan; tissue culture rack-storey decreased by 35%, improve operator comfort and efficiency; space utilization increased by 35%.

December 5, “plant factory innovation conference was held at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences lecture hall, from the Finance Office, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture and other departments of the leadership, Philips, Panasonic, Everlight, Yangtze, Olin at home and abroad well-known enterprises, the peer experts as well as the representatives of the press of a total of more than 150 people attended the meeting. At the press conference, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences owned high-tech enterprises — Central accessible Horticultural Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the newly developed Home Edition plant factory and home gardening products, and with Dutch Philips Lighting, Mitsubishi Chemical , Panasonic (China) electrician, Taiwan Everlight, Yangtze Electric, Olin Group dozens of internationally renowned companies signed a strategic cooperation agreement, LED plant lighting light source, industrial control, air conditioning and environmental control, nutrient solution preparations in the field of technologyinnovation, market development to reach agreement, the signing of a strategic alliance.

The convening of the conference, not only marked the official birth of the first case Home Edition plant factory, but also indicates that the research and development of plant factory was officially formed a strategic alliance.