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LED Lights Has Become The Main Force Of The General Lighting Market Is Only A Matter Of Time

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Experts said that following the phase-out schedule of the European Union, the United States determined incandescent, incandescent phase-out order has taken effect, the role of the ban would not be so quick reflected in the market, the general lighting market popularity of LED lights, aprocess. From the point of view of long-term development, LED lights has become the main force of the general lighting market is only a matter of time. Currently, LED industry in the dividend policy of the state and local governments issued frequently and vigorously promote the deployment, indicates that the broad prospects of the industry. LED as a new light source of the energy saving and environmental protection, green low-carbon, in line with the conditions for sustainable development of China and the world. Energy-saving lamps may not be able to environmental equate.

Then the Austrian its Andean environmentally conscious have what initiatives? Luo Si Hui said, Austrian its Sri Lanka has been actively communicate with customers energy saving ideas in close collaboration with the industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises, one to build a green energy technology network, walking in the green era of industry, industrial the forefront of promoting the sustainable development of the industry, and actively practice the strategy of “green communications, green Austrian its Andean, green World”.

Austrian its Andean independent research and development Indoor Light Series T8 lamps new has been officially released, it is the service life of up to 80,000 hours, is eight times that of the general energy-saving lamp life, light, it does not contain ultraviolet and infrared , no radiation, no mercury and lead toxic elements. T8 DC drive, no flash, long-term use will not make eye fatigue, fever and small, 90% of the electrical energy into visible light, LED fluorescent pressure PC and aluminum than the traditional glass hard and solid, so T8 because of its energy efficient, long life, health, light green, light, high efficiency, high safety factor, rugged solid well received by the market.