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LED Lights In Office Lighting Applications How Much

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In the LED lighting market, more extensive outdoor lighting and public lighting applications, LED lights also slowly penetrated, home lighting and commercial lighting, office lighting is a little later. With the computer paperless office in the form of changes in recent years, people started to pay attention to the impact of the office lights on the eyes and body, also increased the requirements for office lighting, LED lights in office lighting applications how much?

LED manufacturers investigation, the office lighting products LED ceiling light, LED downlight, LED panel lights.Office illumination on the same 400-500LX If you need better environment can be further increased to 50% of the illumination.

Office lighting in the area is very diverse, with large open-plan office, cubicle offices, corridors and passageways area, reception room, how to lay out the light of these areas? Sheng Naisi LED light manufacturers and everyone analyze:

1 large open-plan office:
This office is generally commonly used in the customer service center and technical office open office spaces, lighting, lighting as evenly as possible on all surfaces, so that all workstations have access to adequate lighting in order to efficiently carry out Working. Lighting in favor of employees physical comfort, and a feeling of health, safety, vigilance. The main lighting LED panel lights or LED lamps.

2, the Office of the compartment, such as the manager’s office:
Manager’s office tend to reflect the taste and personality of the manager, high-quality furniture, art and other decorations depict a successful picture, colleagues and business prospects. General office more talk tasks, as well as the development of decision-making for the development of the company. Lighting requirements on top of the desk should meet at least 300LX illumination, sitting area need to be soft lighting, illumination, 200LX better. 3W or 5W LED Downlight LED spotlight can be used. The ceiling can be installed on the high-power LED lights with.

3, the Office of the aisle:
Office walkway area illumination with office area illumination reasonable transition illumination control around 200LX. Lighting use LED downlights, or use hidden LED lamp with a combination of methods, avoid the use of smooth reflector.

4, lounge and reception rooms:
The lounge and reception room is equivalent to the company’s “business card”, the first impression is very important, lighting can help these offices to achieve the desired effect, light atmosphere to relieve LED Downlight LED ceiling light.

At present, due to cost reasons, the office as a whole replacement LED lamps there may be some difficulties, but the LED manufacturers believe that small place to start to start, such as office signs, Downlights reception room, indoor lamps replaced first, as long as with good energy-saving, high efficiency, back to the time or can be shortened. The new office building, being with LED lamp, LED panel lights, LED downlights, the ratio increased, we look forward to LED lights full access to the field of office lighting.