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LED Lights One Industry Sources The Situation Is Not Optimistic

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LED lights, one industry sources, the situation is not optimistic, our LED high-power integration technology is not very mature, affect the lighting effect; LED and other light sources, much heat, if the cooling system is not perfect, cause lightfailure, poor lighting effects, life will be shortened. In addition, the number of lumens of the chip is a key factor to affect the LED lights glow, the LED lights chip high-end technology in foreign countries, the use of high cost. Domestic LED light chip about 80% rely on imports; slightly higher localization rate of indoor LED light chip.

China Institute of Metrology Optical and Laser Institute of Metrology Dr. Zhao Weiqiang, the domestic LED chip production technology has been in progress, to achieve the support of high-power lighting, but the high-end of the street rely mainly on imported chips.

Under the premise of the use of high-power lighting, foreign chip price is 2-3 times the domestic chip, and foreign manufacturers basically sold separately chip sale is LED devices. “Geng Bo told reporters.

The survey found that the street lamps commonly used at home and abroad for the high-pressure sodium lamp works quoted in the 500-1000 yuan / light, LED street price is about 15 yuan / watt to 25 yuan / W. 150-watt LED lights, for example, if the price of 15 yuan / watt, price per lamp is about 2250 yuan, the price is still higher than the traditional street. In addition, LED street light product interface is not uniform, interchangeable poor performance, and in some parts is damaged, take the whole lamp replacement, to increase the use of cost.