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LED Packaging Companies May Have To Die 40 Into The Downstream LED Applications SMEs 50 To Be Drained

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Government is now not so easy to cheat, and usually you do not do that I do not make up, the Shuai Yang  Lighting Managing Director Lu Weiqiang said, the current LED market capacity of 120 billion – 150 billion, but the production capacity has more than 500 billion serious excess capacity. “Industry people inside, hear every day the news of the closing of the LED business, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan, Jiangmen, everywhere in the middle of this year, LED packaging companies may have to die 40 into the downstream LED applications SMEs 50 to be drained. ”

Shenzhen’s policy change does not stop the other LED fanatical. “In fact, this is the game of a government and enterprises.” Used to hold different views, Guangdong Province, vigorously promote LED lighting, and a letter to the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou lighting industry professionals Hu Jun, said: “Local governments want to land financial, with the establishment of high-tech park to attract business investment to pull the GDP, LED companies have taken a fancy high-tech subsidies and government vigorously promote the market under the Executive Order. The Strange Bedfellows like husband and wife, certainly to break up the . ”

Facing too many low-end products industry chain integration

EU requirements, only the energy efficiency index reached more than 0.2 Directional LED lights and directional fluorescent light to enter the EU market, improve the 2.5 times the than before can efficiency index requirements; United States is to increase the LED and other test procedures, this is undoubtedly to export LED enterprises to increase the The huge cost of testing costs.

The Shenzhen Haotian Xing Electronics Co., Ltd. Luo Jun revealed that this year the price of the company’s LED products declined by about 10% compared to last year. A 16-watt LED fluorescent tube, for example, last year’s price of $ 75, this year’s price of 68 yuan, a decrease of 10.3%, the export price is almost the same, down nearly 10%. “In recent years, very much capital to enter the LED lighting industry in fact, many industry into easy to do a good job difficult.”

According to insiders, the LED core technology – chip technology by the U.S. control lies in China Taiwan, mainland China LED OEM base, the Pearl River Delta is larger and the middle and lower reaches of the enterprise application market enclave, but unable to grasp the core technology caused the imbalance in cost-effective LED lighting products LED industry flawed. In the deteriorating environment, energy shortages, energy conservation has been firmly established. Europe and the United States as the world’s major LED application base, its technical level and Penetration ahead of other regions, holds most of the LED high-end market. Europe and the United States has been leading the LED standards, demanding technical and safety standards in other countries and regions, has gradually become a developed technical barriers to trade. Technical concealed, low transparency, not supervision, versatility and low, gradually replace the traditional trade protection measures such as tariffs, licenses, quotas and other demanding technical and safety standards as technical barriers.