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LED Panel Lights Advantage

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LED street encounter the bottleneck of the development, more and more LED lighting companies began to turn to the field of LED interior lighting. LED panel lights also suffered a similar the LED fluorescent embarrassing situation, confused brand, quality is difficult to identify, huge gap between the price level and so forth, so that this industry start into the product a crisis of confidence.

LED panel lights advantage is not fully reflected
The most important advantages of LED panel lights change point light source with a dazzling glare, light uniformity, soft, bright, glare-free surface light source glow. However, almost half of the LED panel lights products manufacturing enterprises regard the glow of the surface light source one-sided understanding, mainly in the following phenomenon:

1, an acrylic panel is called LED Panel Light LED Grille increase, of course, is clean fluorescent plate of traditional grid improved products inspired from. Blind pursuit of ultra-thin LED panel light.

LED panel lights a structure type is evolved from the side of the optical light box advertising purposes, compared to fluorescent tubes use LED or CCFL lamp thinner, lighter, its product structure do is very thin.

LED panel lights another type of structure is evolved from the side of the optical light box advertising purposes, compared to fluorescent tubes use LED or CCFL lamp thinner, lighter, its product structure can be done very thin. Throughout the course of development of the LED panel lights, most of the enterprises as a starting point, a Hong Kong listed company since 2005 put in a considerable advertising, it is clear that the LED panel lights since been more and more Industry sources of concern.

The idea that the ultra-thin LED panel lights, LED panel light industry should not blindly sought after. First, the structure of the LED light from the side of the light guide plate by the reflection and refraction of the light guide, reflector outlets, reflecting plate, solves the problem of glare, but the optical efficiency will, in its light conduction in a positive light, each path will be to the extent that the loss, the fact that such LED panel lights so many years sales did not imagine so much, I think the main reason is pretty difficult to use, high prices do not say is not enough, the actual illumination.

In addition, some customers because the blind pursuit of ultra-thin LED panel lights, the desire to replace its advantages traditional office ceiling Grille, but did not think the ceiling there is enough space, not only does not reflect its slim, light extraction efficiency is low result in luminous efficiency of less than traditional fluorescent illumination Grille, will affect the end-user evaluation of the LED lighting industry. Lighting talent.

And exaggerated LED energy-saving effect, but a crisis of confidence
LED panel lights instead of the traditional fluorescent Grille is a good choice, from traditional fluorescent specifications length, can be used not only direct type described in the previous structure and the side of the light guide structure, but also according to the designer’s design into the building and furniture in the display. However, today many LED lighting companies to quickly open the market blindly exaggerated the performance of energy-saving LED lighting.

LED lighting industry a few years ago, hot, LED lighting can save 80% of the argument can not be used as a reference to the LED interior lighting. Previous large-scale LED holiday lighting, stage lighting, urban landscape lighting, LED decorative lighting applications mainly LED color rich variety of design and effect change, because there is no strict application of LED products brightness requirements, a relatively small power LED can be used to achieve the desired effect.

Compared to LED decorative lighting, LED interior lighting in most cases did not use the color changes in the characteristics of the programmable control, instead of using a static LED lighting products, the optical design of LED lighting products, light design, the light angle so you can refer to the traditional lighting industry standard requirements to achieve quite the brightness of conventional lighting technology LED lighting products impossible to achieve 80% energy saving.So blind to advocate and to over-exaggerate the energy saving effect, make end-users, especially lighting designer LED lighting companies distrust, further distrust of LED lighting products.